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Professional Development: Why it’s crucial for every Village Professional

We don’t need to remind you about the diverse range of roles and responsibilities that are a part of every Village Professional’s role.

But something we always find interesting about Village Professionals is their background – the roles they had before entering the village setting.

Village Professionals can come from a variety of areas including property management, care services, hospitality, sales, community services and even the police force.

And often their induction, initial training and ongoing professional development is just as varied.

Getting it right isn’t always easy

We know from experience ongoing professional development is key.

In an industry where the legislative requirements and consumer expectations change so rapidly, professional development is the only way to keep your head above water and put a vast amount of difficult-to-interpret information into context.

Professional Development activities assist village professionals to update knowledge, access new resources and reinforce their current skill sets to ensure currency in capability.  

Resources at your disposal

In support of this idea, the Property Council Retirement Living Council released the Management Capability Framework for the retirement living sector, which you can find here.

This framework outlines seven domains that you want to be maintaining currency in during your roles as a village professional:

  • Operations
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Self-Management
  • Change and Innovation
  • Community Engagement
  • Population Wellness
  • Sales Professionalism

Not only does professional development provide these currencies, new learnings and a peer network, it provides Village Professionals with confidence, tenacity and resilience to continue with their often isolating and challenging roles.

Better villages and helping your carer

Professional development isn’t just a way to increase productivity.

It’s a coupling of tools and technologies to meet the expectations of current and future consumers, and a must in all contemporary business in 2021 and beyond.

This is especially true in retirement living , where all village professionals must constantly balance business needs with resident expectations.

For information about how DCM Institute can help with your professional development, click here.

Latest industry developments Things to watch

It’s Award Season – Get ready to put your best foot forward

Each year, our peak industry bodies seek nominations for the Village Manager of the Year in each state, with the National Winner selected from state finalists.

These awards focus on recognising individuals striving for operational and service excellence in all the facets of their village responsibilities.

You can follow the links below to nominate for the awards, please note however that specific eligibility criteria applies to each award.

LASA – Retirement Village Manager of the Year 2021

This award from Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) aims to promote and recognise excellence across the seniors’ housing and retirement living industry.

It celebrates the passion and achievements of those individuals who continually maintain high standards in customer service, sales and marketing, complaints and dispute resolution and robust operational management processes across their retirement community.

Nominations for this award close on Friday 9 April 2021.

To  nominate for the LASA award, click here.

Programmed Award for Village Manager of the Year 2021

This award, from the Property Council of Australia’s Retirement Living Council recognises the village managers, staff and residents working towards the goal of a successful and harmonious village.

Nominees are reviewed on they work they do including making positive and innovative contributions to ensure resident happiness, providing a financially successful environment and going ‘above and beyond’ in the completion of their tasks.

Nominations for this award open on the 17th March 2021.

To nominate for the Property Council award, click here.

Key things to help you everyday Latest industry developments

Village Hubs Grants Fund moves to next stage and shows why villages are the ideal location

Independent Living Assessment (ILA) is seeking expressions of interest from Australian communities and organisations interested in setting up a Village Hub.

The initiative, designed as part of the Australian Government’s Seniors Connected Program aims to relieve loneliness and social isolations among older Australians by creating these new social and community hubs. 

The Government wants to trial 10 village hubs, with grants to support them and they’re expected to run from 2021 to 2024.

The Village Hubs will provide a diverse range of member-led social activities which could include any of the following:

  • Physical: walking groups, excursions and fitness classes 
  • Social: trivia, fundraising events, teas, lunches and dinners
  • Learning: guest speaker programs, digital skills mentoring
  • Arts and cultural: art classes, book club, choir

The Village Hubs Activity involves working with communities to fund the establishment of at least 10 Village Hub projects across Australia to provide pathways for residents to improve mental health through increased social connections.

Could a Village Hub be an advantage in your village?

For more information or to express your interest, click here.