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The Best 30 Years

Village Managers know only too well the reality of ageing and the important role planning and foresight can make in improving a person’s quality of life., in association with The DCM Group, recently launched a five-part TV series on the aging journey, airing on 9GEM across Australia and online on 9now. The episodes can also be watched on The Best 30 Yearsown website.

The five programs have been designed for both ageing Australians and their families to learn and discuss what it is to age all the way up to 100+, and what accommodation and services exist to support them.

From aged care to retirement villages, land lease communities to home care, we’ll explore all the options out there to help you find out what it is you need from your ageing journey.

The third episode, focusing on retirement villages, airs on 9GEM tomorrow, Saturday 5 November, at 1pm. The final two episodes will air the following Satrudays.

Key things to help you everyday

Change Management & Emotional Intelligence

The DCM Institute Knowledge Centre has had two new modules uploaded for participants this past week:

  • Change Management. Takes participants through change management in the setting of retirement villages, and provides simple tools to help identify and manage change.
  • Emotional Intelligence. This Masterclass program takes participants on a path of understanding emotions through the areas of self awareness; self management; social awareness; and relationship management.

Both modules are available to DCM Institute participants with completion going toward professional development points.

For more information on the DCM Institute’s professional development program, click here.

Key things to help you everyday

Mental health and your team – it’s a continuum, not a situation (and what about burnout)?

We all have to be on our guard about mental health on a daily basis.

It was National Mental Health Month in October and latest figures claim almost seven out of every ten workers (68.5%) currently feel like they are BURNING OUT at work.

Most workplaces (79.1%) are now regularly providing mental health programs.

The Australian 2022 Workplace Wellbeing report found workers were more likely to feel comfortable accessing well-being programs (73.5%) than mental health programs at work, which is something you should consider.

Leadership can be a lonely, isolating and stressful place, particularly for village professionals who are constantly people facing, on call – some 24/7, sometimes caught in the middle, the responder to emergency, the problem solver and often dealing with a large workload for long periods.

So, there is no surprise that BURNOUT is common amongst village professionals.

Here are six great tips for reducing the existence of BURNOUT:

  1. Good foundations – Diet, Exercise and Sleep
  2. Reframing our thinking patterns to focus on the FACT & not the STORY we might be telling ourselves
  3. Scheduling of regular downtime – leave, breaks, think time and social time
  4. Reduce habits that may inhibit progress – excessive email and phone checking
  5. Identify what indicators present themselves when beginning to feel yourself spiralling
  6. Building a tool kit of responses in the event you feel a change in your mental health – ask for help, tactical breathing, identify priority, etc

Address burnout before it burns you out!

Latest industry developments

In praise of a dementia café and Village Manager Irene Conner

Having residents living with dementia is increasingly an issue and it’s wonderful to see village managers adapt.

Case in point is Bolton Clarke-owned Acacia Living Group’s Jurien Bay Village in the coastal town, 220km north of Perth.

“There a lot of cafes in Jurien Bay but they are all based around tourism and aren’t accessible or comfortable for people with dementia,” Jurien Bay Village Manager Irene Conner said.

She and the Village Residents Association contacted Forget-me-not Dementia Support Association and decided to create a Forget Me Not Café which opened last month.

The Forget Me Not Café opens initially inside the village’s Reflections Café on every third Friday of the month.

“This is like a café within a café really – customers can come along and there are different things on the tables like colouring-in activities and fiddle mats,” Irene said.

Jurien Bay Village Social Club Secretary and resident Amanda Wallis said it was something the club felt would make a difference within the village and local community.

“We opened our own café called Reflections Café earlier this year in the village and were interested in creating a Forget-me-not café,” Amanda said.

“There were customers with dementia that attended with their family and carers and they just absolutely loved it.

“I know for the carers it’s a huge job so this is also a place where they can come to relax and just be themselves for a while.”

Going beyond just serving coffee and cake, Amanda and the volunteers also stay connected making regular phone calls to the customers with dementia.

“We can ring them and let them know when the next café is on and see how they are going,” Amanda said.

“For people with dementia, it’s not the end of their life it’s just a different path and journey they are taking.

“Some people feel stressed and horrible with it and they withdraw from society so it’s nice for them to come out and feel supported.”

Latest industry developments

Passion, Purpose and Meaning

With a passion for empowering people to have purpose and meaning every day, DCM Institute is excited to welcome Jamie Ford, Head of Partnerships at Five Good Friends, as one of the guest speakers at Village Summit 2022.

Speaking on The Best 30 Years, DCM Group’s 5-part TV series on the ageing journey, Jamie talks passionately about enabling people to live happy, healthy and connected lives for as long as possible.

“Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits associated with a strong sense of purpose and meaning in life, including resilience, longevity, and a greater sense of wellbeing. This is because people who believe their life has meaning reduce their stress response. They have lower levels of inflammation and lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol,” Jamie said.

“A life that is meaningful and filled with worthwhile activities also leads to better mental health in ageing adults. Having a sense of purpose can anchor us and give us something to hold on to when life is challenging.”

At Village Summit 20202, Jamie will speak on Move Nourish Connect an innovation by Five Good Friends which partners with operators to design and facilitate a program that invests in resident wellbeing so they can grow older well.

Check out The Best 30 Years’ own website to watch the first two episodes and so much more.