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We believe that village professionals thrive as part of a network, striving for excellence for the benefit of the entire sector.

A career in the retirement living and aged care sector is one that is for purpose, with the lifestyle and wellbeing of senior Australians at the centre of everything we do. Which is why we are committed to the professional development of retirement village managers and head office staff across Australia.

Our mission is to elevate businesses in the retirement living and aged care sector and the standards that create positive experiences for senior Australians. Through enrolling in the DCM Institute’s professional development program for village managers, you will expand the knowledge and skills needed to excel in a for purpose sector.

Moving the needle of Village Professionalism

professional development for village managers

For Village Managers

Knowledge and Support, adaptive to change,
DCM Institute produces monthly topics designed to evolve with market demands and regulatory changes. Through our networking days, your Village Managers have access to the most experienced experts in the retirement living and aged care industry.
Professional development for village managers - Retirement Village Owners

For Village Owners

Compliance and Professional Development Records
Upskilling your Village Manager results in improved day-to- day operations with less reliance on Head Office, and over all professionalism of service in the eyes of your customer.
Professional development for village managers helps build strong relationships with residents
An improved experience for residents
True professionalism cannot be achieved unless there is a strong and respectful relationship between a Village Manager and their residents. The Rules of Conduct, as well as the audits undertaken by the Department demonstrate the power of the voice of your customer, your residents.

Meet Our Team

A diverse and talented team of experts that bring insight and skills you need to excel in the retirement living and aged care sector.

James Wiltshire, Executire director DCM Insitute
James Wiltshire
Executive Director
Tiffany Folbigg
Operations Manager
Natasha Sargent
Learning and Development Manager
Liana Levin
Client Engagement and Business Development Manager
Chris Baynes, CEO DCM Group
Chris Bayne
Founder and CEO