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Energy Rebates – What does it mean for my Retirement Village Residents?

Since the announcement of the rebate, the DCM Institute has received a number of queries on how it will work. So, to save you the hassle of looking, we have broken down what we know – so far.

Eligibility and Distribution
  • Every Australian household will receive the $300 energy rebate, applied directly to their electricity bills.
  • The rebate is not distributed per person but per household. This means each household gets a single rebate, regardless of the number of occupants.
  • The rebate will be credited automatically by energy providers, meaning the rebate will not go into a person’s bank account, rather it will save them on their quarterly bill.
Rebate Application
  • No application is necessary.
  • The $300 will be divided across four quarterly bills, resulting in a $75 reduction per quarter.
  • If residents pay their bills more frequently, such as monthly, the $75 credit will be applied to every third bill.
Special Considereation for Embedded Networks

For households within embedded networks, such as many retirement villages, the process is slightly different, and still to be disclosed. From what we can gather, further details will be provided by the Government before July 1.

Additional State and Territory Rebates

In addition to the federal rebate, various states and territories offer their own energy concessions and rebates:

  • New South Wales: Seniors may qualify for the $200 Seniors Energy Rebate and other concessions.
  • Victoria: A $250 rebate for using the state’s energy comparison website.
  • Queensland: An additional $1,000 credit for all households.
  • Western Australia: A $400 credit plus other specific rebates for air conditioning and dependent children.
  • Tasmania: A $250 credit on the first bill of the next financial year.
  • Northern Territory: A $1,200 annual Electricity Concession for eligible residents.
  • Australian Capital Territory: A $750 Utilities Concession for eligible residents.

The $300 energy rebate, along with various state and territory concessions, offers substantial relief to manage rising energy costs. By staying informed and assisting residents with the necessary steps, you can help them benefit fully from these initiatives. This support can make a significant difference in easing the financial burden of energy bills for your community.

The information provided is current as at the time of publishing. For further information and assistance, Village Managers and residents should refer to their local state or territory government websites or contact their energy providers directly.

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Five for Friday with Sarah Tibbotts 

Did you have other jobs before becoming a Village Manager? 

I started working on reception with Uniting as I really didn’t know what I wanted to do after leaving school. After working on reception for a few years I was then poached to work as the Enquiries Officer within the Independent Living team, talking to hundreds of potential clients each week. I was then asked to cover the role of a Village Manager for a few months, and realised I loved it. It’s been seven years in the Village Manager role and I haven’t looked back! 

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

 I’m a people person and love interacting with the residents. If someone was to pick out any resident from one of my villages, I could tell you something special about them.  

What have you gained from the DCMI program?  

I have learnt a lot through the DCMI program. Whether it is being quizzed on the Retirement Villages Act by MinterEllison, listening to a Q & A session on a relatable topic or accessing the Knowledge Centre for a Master Class or refresher topic, it’s all valuable! It’s wonderful to be in a room with like-minded people learning new things. 

How do you manage your time to ensure you can balance responsibilities to residents and your operator, with your own learning and development?  

I manage multiple villages so sometimes this can be a challenge! I have to be very organised, and a prioritised to-do list is key!   

The one thing you would tell anyone thinking of being a Village Manager.  

 It’s a very rewarding job and no day will ever be the same. 

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A first Mother’s Day for this Village Professional

“As a new mum, I plan to enjoy the day with my daughter and husband. My family is on the other side of the world,” Lexy said when explaining how she plans to spend her day. “We probably will have some sort of picnic so I can just soak up the time together and be outside with my little family.”

Lexy is from the US, so this Mother’s Day will be extra special with her own set to arrive in Australia soon after.

“My mom and I love to get a nice bouquet of flowers together so we can enjoy them when she visits. So that is definitely the plan!”

Lexy has recently returned from maternity leave with her beautiful daughter now 7 months old, stepping back from her Manager’s role into that of a Community Facilitator at Warrigal Shell Cove. The retirement village is co-located with aged care and is located about 86 kms south of Sydney.

This is a broad role, Lexy explained, with the concept being to take a ‘whole of community’ approach to ensure the social integration of the 110 retirement village units with the 131 aged care residents. Lexy’s responsibilities the day-to-day management of onsite volunteers, leading a welcome process for residential care, and coordinating activities and events for the enjoyment of all.

We look forward to seeing Lexy at our upcoming Professional Development Days in July and August and seeing more pictures of her daughter.

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Victorian Residents’ Association President Retires  

Lawrie is a good friend of the DCM Institute and has spent more than a decade at the helm of the RRVV. During this time the RRVV’s membership has grown to more than 6,000, while continuing to provide advocacy and support for retirement village residents across Victoria. 

“Lawrie has been a beacon of inspiration, embodying the spirit and values we hold dear. His commitment to advocating for and supporting residents, has left an indelible mark on our community and the many lives we touch,” said Dianne Embry, RRVV Secretary.

“As we bid farewell to Lawrie as President following his resignation, we are delighted that he will remain an active member of our community, continuing to lend his invaluable insight and support. We look forward to this new phase with great anticipation and are excited to build on the strong foundation Lawrie has helped establish.” 

Lawrie Robertson, outgoing RRVV President, with James Wiltshire, Executive Director DCM Institute at a recent Professional Development Day

The DCM Institute would like to wish Lawrie all the best in his second retirement. We look forward to working with the new president of the RRVV when announced.  

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RSL LifeCare Commemorates ANZAC Day with residents

RSL LifeCare ANZAC Village, in Narrabeen, 23km north of Sydney’s CBD, which is the Not For Profit’s largest retirement living and aged care facility in NSW, held its Veteran March and Commemorative Anzac Service on Wednesday.

Air Commodore Nick Osborne (pictured below) presented the Anzac address with the laying of wreaths laid by Pipe Major Allan Watts. Residents were in attendance.

Image by Glenn Nicholls

NSW RSL is holding more than 600 commemorative events in communities across New South Wales. Getting involved in ANZAC Day is an opportunity for all Australians to come together, honor the sacrifice of our service men and women, and show support for our current and past members of the armed forces. 

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has created three commemorative posters that anybody can print.

“Display our Anzac Day poster to commemorate all those who have served during wars, conflicts and peace operations,” said the department.

“We also acknowledge First Nations veterans and Australian service in East Timor (now Timor-Leste).”

Image by Glenn Nicholls

Holding ANZAC Day events for residents in advance of 25 April is a great way Village Professionals can observe this important day on our calendar with residents in a way that still allows residents to attend events on the actional day, at locations they have likely been attending with mates for decades.

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Lights, cameras, action

Renee England, Uniting’s Head of Seniors Services Sydney Central, take a bow.

Nearly 1000 staff, residents and their families turned out to party at Australian Turf Club’s Rosehill Gardens Racecourse for the Not For Profit’s 24th annual Seniors Ball.

It is not a fund-raiser. It is solely a great way to say thank you to everyone at Uniting and is a highlight of NSW Seniors Week. It was the first Seniors Ball for four years due to COVID-19.

This year’s event embraced the theme of: Super heroes, Stars and Legends – A Star-Studded Affair, and featured dodgem cars, spinning tea cups, virtual reality and energetic dance moves.

Everyone attending transformed into their favourite icons and legends, mingling with many heroes, stars and stilt-walkers and creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Every residential aged care home was given a different theme and the residents really got into the event.

“The Seniors Ball provides a unique opportunity for residents, clients, families, and employees to unite, socialise, and celebrate our seniors with a positive and active spirit,” Renee said.

Pictures from

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Village Manager Recognised for her achievements   

Louise joined Retire Australia as a Personal Care Assistant in February last year before becoming Village Manager of The Manor, which forms part of Tarragal Glen Retirement Village, in Erina.

Tarrgal Glen and The Manor are 81km north-northwest of Sydney, this retirement village was created in 1995 to cater for seniors who needed extra household assistance but could still live independently. 

“I have a corporate background in management (both people management and business) and prior to The Manor, I was the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Co-Founder of the designer furniture and homeware business House of Europe.  

“I have stayed on the Central Coast, to continue my coaching and mentoring of the youth in detention but also to be around for my granddaughter who is now 11 months old.” 

Louise Vangestel and Vanessa Fordyce, Village Manager of Retire Australia’s Wood Glen Retirement Village, also in Erina, founded Tarragal Outrigger Canoe Club, based at The Haven, Terrigal.  

The Tarragal Ourtrigger Canoe Club focuses on supporting not just the community but local Indigenous youth in partnership with the Frank Baxter Youth Justice Centre and Bara Barang Corporation.  

Louise is Club President, and it was her club work which enabled her to being named 2024 Terrigal Woman of the Year. 

“I am honoured that my small part of helping youth in detention and hopefully helping them make better decisions in life was acknowledged. I am very grateful but whilst I have won this, there is a whole club of people helping me do this program, so the award is as much for them as it is for me,” she said. 

Louise, as steerer, and Vanessa, seat 2, won the 12km State Titles two weeks ago. The youths that the club mentors also won the Novice 6km race at the same event.   

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What does ANZAC day mean in 2024?

When you consider the national days on our calendar, ANZAC Day continues to hold profound significance in both Australia and New Zealand.

Established as a national public holiday in 1921, 25 April has continued to serve as a day of remembrance and reflection. A day of unity where we can pay our respects to those men and women who have lost their lives serving this country, and those who continue to do so to this day.

Knowing how important ANZAC Day is in retirement villages across the country, we thought we’d share a wonderful initiative from Ryman Healthcare.

Each year, residents from their Australian and New Zealand villages are invited to share stories of service to their country. These stories are then collected and shared in a book they call ‘Stories of Service.’

Robert Creek, 78, is a resident at John Flynn Retirement Village in Melbourne and a veteran of the Vietnam War. John served as a member of 3 Troop 1 Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers (RAE). In 2024, Robert’s was one of the many shared in Ryman’s book.

Taking Part in 2024

No matter where you are on Anzac Day, you can commemorate April 25 with us.  The ABC will have comprehensive broadcast coverage of Anzac Day services and events. Tune into their coverage throughout the day across ABC Radio, ABC listen app, ABC TV, ABC iview and online from 5.30am (AEST). Click on the picture for all the broadcasting options

Coverage includes commemorations and local marches in towns and cities around Australia as well as special Anzac Day programming.

RSL Australia provides details of what is happening in each state as well like the Sporting day events across the country and the Air Force Flying display that takes place in each state.

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Recruiter finds quality candidates for operators – fast

In the retirement village sector, recruitment traditionally followed a reactive approach, filling roles as they opened up. However, with national unemployment dipping below 4%, businesses are now facing a fiercely competitive labour market. Consequently, the hunt for top talent has intensified, requiring a more proactive recruitment strategy.

Meet James Teodoro, the Recruitment Executive at DCM Executive Recruitment. James is adept at navigating this challenging job market, swiftly identifying quality candidates for operators. His success lies in going beyond conventional methods, delving deeper into talent pools to uncover hidden gems.

According to James, effective recruitment goes beyond posting ads on platforms like SEEK. DCM Executive Recruitment employs specialized practices to unearth candidates who might otherwise go unnoticed.

Speaking at the LEADERS SUMMIT, James emphasized the importance of tapping into talent with transferable skills and showcasing the unique opportunities within the retirement living sector.

“There are individuals intrigued by the diverse roles within retirement living, from Village Manager positions to executive roles. They are drawn to the sector’s purpose-driven nature,” James noted.

DCM Executive Recruitment’s approach prioritizes not just finding candidates, but also matching them with roles that align with their skills and interests.

To learn more about their recruitment processes, visit their website.

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Workplace Relations Webinar

Workplace Relations Webinar: Psychosocial hazards and the right to disconnect

Who should attend: CEOs / Principals, Executives, GMs, Human Resource / People & Culture.  

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, there has been an increased focus on the importance of work/life balance, and the need for employees to be able to switch off at a certain point. In response, the Federal Government has now introduced a new “right to disconnect” into the Fair Work Act 2009.

Event Details

Tuesday 26 March 2024

9.30 am – 10.30 am 

Online via Zoom using your PC or mobile

For more information please contact our events team.

In our webinar, we will discuss how the employee’s right to disconnect and the employer’s obligation to manage psychosocial hazards intersect, and help you understand how to comply with your new obligations.

Your presenters for the session will be Anthony Massaro (Principal) and Kelly Ralph (Senior Associate). Our broader team of Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety lawyers will also assist with Q&A throughout the session.

Event website page here with more information.Please click on the button below to RSVP for the webinar

Opportunity to submit your questions – Q&A

You have the opportunity to submit questions before the webinar. Please submit any questions to

Anthony Massaro

03 9609 1501

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Kelly Ralph
Senior Associate

03 9609 1510

Connect with me on LinkedIn