Help is at your fingertips!

This week I came across a great resource for busy village managers – a Local Resource Guide produced by the team at Critical Success Solutions to provide Retirement Living residents and teams with vital contact information to enable them to liaise with local care and associated support services.

Whether it’s information on churches, community health services, food services, palliative care or transport, the Local Resource Guide provides the contact details for these services at your fingertips, saving you hours of googling and calling!

Many operators choose to provide this list annually to all residents as part of their service promise and to keep them informed of the services available and accessible in the local area.

Another great benefit is that the guide will assist you in meeting the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme Standards, particularly standards. 

✓ Standard 4.21 evidence: “Residents are provided with accurate and comprehensive information about all key aspects of community life, facilities, services and procedures.”

✓ Standard 7.2.1 evidence: “Residents’ individual choices and preferences are identified and respected.”

✓ Standard 7.4.1 evidence: “The scope of care services available to residents.”

To order a copy specific to your local region, just send an email Alex@cssconsulting.com.au or visit Critical Success Solutions and reach out to the CSS team!

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