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Men’s Health Week 2023

Men’s Health Week: Building Healthy Habits for a Fulfilling Retirement 

“Men’s Health Week is a crucial time to raise awareness and address the unique health challenges faced by men. It is vital to prioritize their physical and mental well-being,” emphasizes Dr. Alan Smith, Director of Men’s Health Foundation.  

International Men’s Health Week is celebrated every year around the world in the middle of June. 

Men’s Health Week goes beyond physical health and extends to the realm of mental health and emotional well-being. By engaging in promotions, events, and discussions, Men’s Health Week aims to initiate conversations on improving male health. 

It is an opportunity to highlight the importance of men’s health, and to promote and support the health and wellbeing of men and boys in our communities. 

Healthy Habits 

The theme of Men’s Health Week 2023 is Healthy Habits – focusing on encouraging men and boys to build healthy habits by identifying small changes they can make that benefit their health and wellbeing. 

In Australia, there were small and localised Men’s Health Week events in Victoria and then in New South Wales from about 2000 onwards. Since then, Men’s Health Week has gained traction, with organisations and community groups across the world celebrating the contributions men and boys make to our society. 

Dr. David Harper, renowned expert in men’s health, advises, “Building healthy habits is essential for men’s long-term health. Retirement villages can provide supportive environments that empower men to adopt and sustain positive lifestyle changes.” 

In Australia, Men’s Health Week provides a platform for challenging and debating key issues in men’s health and to raise the profile of men, their health outcomes and health needs around the country each June. Our approach celebrates the strengths of men, the contributions they make, and the important roles they play in society. 

Men’s Health Week provides retirement village managers with an opportune moment to prioritise men’s health and well-being.  

As Dr. Alan Smith aptly summarises, “Retirement villages that prioritise men’s health play a vital role in fostering healthier lifestyles and empowering men to lead fulfilling lives during their retirement years.” 

Remember, by championing men’s health, retirement villages contribute not only to the individual well-being of residents but also to the overall vitality and happiness of your community. 

For more information on Men’s Health Week  

The Men’s Health Week booklet “Men’s Health Week: Useful Men’s Health Information, Event Ideas & Contacts” is a guide that practitioners, health service providers, community centres, groups and individuals can use when creating Men’s Health Week events. It contains: 

  • An overview of Men’s Health Week and information on the current state of men’s health. 
  • Information on creating and hosting events,and partnering with others. 
  • Dealing with the media and creating a media release. 
  • Men’s health contacts to other groups and organisations. 

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