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Tasmania Government to have new draft Retirement Villages Act this year after residents’ complaints

Attorney General Elise Archer told the state government’s Budget Estimates Committee:

“Over recent months, my office and I have met with a number of residents of retirement villages and representative groups, including the newly formed Tasmanian Association of Residents of Retirement Villages.”

She said the association presented a number of residents’ concerns largely regarding the lack of operator transparency and large price rises in maintenance fees well in excess of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

“We are now in the process of drafting legislation to amend the Act to strengthen protections, bringing Tasmania in line with other states such as Victoria, aimed at providing more robust protections and certainty for residents,” she said.

The Attorney General’s department is drafting a bill to amend the Retirement Villages Act to ensure residents are not subject to unreasonable increases in fees and charges, including increases that may be above CPI. 

The SOURCE: The fact that a residents association has been formed should be a concern to the Retirement Living Council 

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