Using milestones to strengthen culture

Do you ever feel like you aren't doing enough to recognise achievements? Whether it be your's or others? We look at how you can use special days as prompts to build a strong supportive culture in your business.

Our calendar is full of milestone days across the year. Each one a trigger for spending time with family and friends, remembrance or celebrating the impact of people in our lives.

They can also be a reminder that we are well and truly into another year.

As professionals, we can also use these days as prompts to reflect on our achievement with the year progressing, as well as to recognise the achievements of others in our team.

Consider this as you approach a milestone day on your calendar – when was the last time you recognised the learning achievement of someone in your team? Or taken a moment of pride in one of your own?

Walt Disney’s words, “Celebrate what you’ve accomplished but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed,” remain relevant today.

These words highlight the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the milestones achieved in the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. Doing so selflessly with your staff can turn a milestone day into a real moment of leadership, to drive a positive learning culture in your community.

With Mother’s Day on our doorstep, and in the spirit of honouring the dedication and hard work of mothers, it is up to us to find ways to also recognise the commitment of our staff. Especially in the areas of their own learning and professional development.

We can do this through showcasing accomplishments such as completing courses, mastering new skills, or achieving personal and professional goals, obtaining a certain amount of Professional Development points in Knowledge Centre.

Using milestone days as a prompt to recognise and celebrate staff, as well as the occasion in the calendar, over time translates into a strong supportive workplace culture. One that encourages development, and shares in the success of those around it.

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