Are your Village rules fit for purpose? 

As we travel around the country for VILLAGE SUMMIT, there has been one topic of discussion that stood out. That topic – Village Rules. More specifically, the need to review them. 

Changing Village rules is not a simple process, it takes time, collaboration, discussion and input from residents.   

Having been through this process before, our starting point was simply that the Village Rules hadn’t been updated in over 20 years.  

When we began discussing an update with residents, one of the questions we all asked was “were they still relevant?” 

In this example, about 70% were and 30% were outdated and needed to be removed, updated or reworded. 

What was also interesting during the consultation process was the introduction of new rules, mostly at the request of the residents.  

Once you consult with the committee and ask for their input it can be like opening a can of worms.  Everyone will have an opinion on what should and shouldn’t be in the rules and all opinions will be different.  Strap yourself in for the crazy requests for change, right down to the type and brand of shoes allowed to be worn on the bowling green. 

In all seriousness, the rules that were raised for consideration were those that weren’t considered 20 years ago, for various reasons. Think smoking, pets, even the use of common area amenities which had recently been introduced. 

Village rules are not something to set and forget.  They will need reviews and massaging to make sure they keep up with your ever-changing communities. 

You may put it in the too hard basket because of the time it can take, the multiple consultations with the residents and the hassle of a special resolution meeting.   

My experience is the opposite. I found the benefits of reviewing and updating can make for a happier community, entice new residents into the community and in my case allow four legged friends into the Village. 

Oh, and the specification of what shoes to wear on the bowling green, was approved. 

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