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Club Communities showing the way for retirement village operators

While retirement village operators have been slowly adapting to the new consumer and their desire for home support, a new phenomena we call Club Communities, is going gang busters – in customer connection, long tail sales leads and building a secure future.

What are they doing? They are reaching out to potential customers where they live, in the local community, and appealing to their inner most emotions – I want to age on my terms, not what the deck has delt me.

We call them Club Communities because these operators are often clubs with ageing memberships and no real additional services to offer beyond cheap beers, a ‘schnitty’ and a sense of belonging.

To change the conversation they are going to ageing and how to make that good, not bad. They offer confidence (not hope) that their members can achieve a better outcome.

In the last issue of SATURDAY, published by DCM, we spoke to Dale Hunt, CEO of Mounties Group, a multi location community club operation. They established their first retirement village in 2019 (sold out, but great location with prices now up 300%). In 2020 they launched Mounties Care, a home care service with more, including respite care, Hospital In The Home and Chemo In The Home, allied health and welfare calls.

And now they are expanding into GPs and their own medical practices, allied health, nutritionists and exercise physiologists.

This is no different to what Arvida in New Zealand did last year with their ‘Good Friends’ outreach program that is drawing in the local Christchurch community, creating a long tail new customer funnel.

Keep an eye on this movement and learn why after their toe in the water they are now going hard with this strategy of wellness engagement. It is attracting the Baby Boomers who have the cash, and desire, to not age badly, but well.

Check out the full SATURDAY Mounties Group story HERE.

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