‘Developing Resilience as a Leader’ Jacqui Perkins’ DCM Institute Masterclass on 16 August

Experienced industry sales coach and facilitator Jacqui Perkins delivers the Masterclass #7 Intentional Leadership on 16 August (next Tuesday) to our DCMI Participants.

Jacqui, who has been running leadership and sales training in the retirement village sector for over 10 years with organisations such as Aveo, Freedom Aged Care, McKenzie Aged Care, RetireAustralia and Australian Unity, will discuss the concept of Developing Resilience as a Leader.

She will discuss the concept of Resilience not simply being a trait – but a skill that can be developed. She will detail how to build some tried and tested techniques that help build resilience.

Please look out for the pre-work videos that will add value to your experience of this masterclass as part of the Masterclass series. If you are not a DCMI Participant, please contact dcmi@thedcmgroup.com.au to learn more about the masterclasses and the DCMI Program.

Tuesday 16 August
WA 1:00 PM 
SA 1:30 PM

Register HERE

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