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Five on Friday with 1,000 Club Members

The acheivement of Professional Development Points demonstrates an individual's commitment to learning and their own professional development with DCM Institute. In this feature, we talk to a village profesional who has achieved 1,000 Professional Development Points.

Introducing Bec Mitchell (pictured above), Village Manager at Bethanie Warwick and Joondanna, northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, and part of DCM Institute’s exclusive 1,000 Club.

Did you have other jobs/a different career before becoming a Village Manager?

I undertook TAFE studies in my younger years and become a Careworker.  I have always had a passion for helping others.  Acquiring a background in aged care proved invaluable, offering insights into the challenges associated with ageing and the available support systems.

 I transitioned from a Careworker role to administration in aged care, successfully completing valuable administrative courses, and subsequently advancing into Village management. 

Additionally, my involvement in the recruitment and management of volunteers has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the resources accessible within the community.

What do you enjoy most about your role and the one thing that has surprised you about it?

I find great happiness in bringing smiles to my residents. 

It’s especially meaningful when you realise that for some, you might be the sole person they interact with that day, particularly those who have limited social connections or family. One surprising aspect of my role has been the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained about Perth and its history through interactions with our residents.  I love having a cuppa with residents and hearing about their life stories.

Bec Mitchell (centre) joins fellow Western Australia’s 1,000 Club members in recieving their awards from DCM Institute Executive Director James Wiltshire (far right) and DCM Institute Operations Manager Tiffany Folbigg (far left).

What have you gained from the DCM Institute’s Professional Development Program?

I have acquired valuable insights into managing Village affairs, including skills in conflict resolution and navigating challenging discussions.

How do you manage your time to ensure you can balance responsibilities to residents and your operator, with your own learning and development?

I keep a running to-do list and prioritise my workload. I schedule specific blocks of time during my work week especially for my learning and development.  This helps me stay organised and manage my time effectively.

The one thing you would tell anyone thinking of being a Village Manger.   

You will always be learning new things, no one day is the same.

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