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From Self-Awareness to Self-Management: A DCM Institute Masterclass

Earlier this week, the DCM Institute hosted the first of a two-part webinar series designed to set Village and Community Managers up for success in 2024.

The webinar series is part of the DCM Institute’s professional development program and takes participants on a journey to help them understand their individual leadership styles.

Partnering with Jacqui Perkins, an industry-leading expert in leadership and management, the first part focused on self-management and self-awareness.  

“Our leadership style is influenced by our personality,” Jacqui said during the webinar. “This in turn will influence how we, as leaders, approach events, situations and our impact on our teams and our residents.”

The webinar draws on pre-work in the form of self-assessments which participants are asked to complete in advance.

“The pre-work allows the conversations during the webinar to explore ourselves as leaders,” said Tiffany Folbigg, DCM Institute’s Operations Manager.

“Professional development is a commitment from both the organisation’s investment in their people, as well as the people’s investment in themselves to get the most out of our program,” Tiffany said.

DCM Institute is running another session on Wednesday 27 September prior to the final part which explores The Path to Self-Reflection later this year. DCM Institute participants can register here.

If you would like more information on DCM Institute’s program, email dcmi@thedcmgroup.com.au

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