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Introduction to the 1000 Club for 2023 

One of the most rewarding parts of the VILLAGE SUMMIT is recognising individual excellence of Village Professionals who have achieved the milestone of 1000 Professional Development points with DCM Institute.  

This remarkable achievement was recognised in Perth earlier this week where a handful of DCM Institute participants were awarded for their commitment to excellence. 

The awards in WA this year were presented to  

  • Ian Brockett (SCC WA),  
  • Rachel Crosby (NovaCare),  
  • Nikki Dhawan (Meath Care),  
  • Lyn Ferguson (Bethanie),  
  • Beverley Kukura (SCC WA),  
  • Ashlee McGlashan (Bethanie), and  
  • Bec Mitchell (Bethanie). 

These professionals contribute not only to their personal and professional growth, but also to elevating the standards of the Retirement Living industry. This is not merely an accolade; it’s a celebration of their dedication, passion, and the ongoing journey of learning and growth. 

DCM Institute is committed to the ongoing Professional Development of Village Professionals and welcomes these recipients to the ever growing 1000 Club.  

Congratulations to Ian, Rachel, Nikki, Lyn, Beverly, Ashlee and Bec. We look forward to recognising other participants in the DCM Institute’s program as we make our way around the country for VILLAGE SUMMIT 2023. 

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