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Keyton creates Community Connect managers to integrate the village with the community

Lincoln Emsley, after nearly 20 years in commercial property, is one of Keyton’s dedicated Community Connect managers in Victoria. 

Community Connect sits outside the village operations division and the village managers but it is aim is to integrate the village with the community that surrounds it. 

Lincoln’s role is to organise an array of events to bring potential newcomers to the charm of retirement living. Lincoln, who was Community Sales Manager for Lendlease, is passionate about fostering connections and creating memorable experiences for those considering a retirement living community. 

“I like to create opportunities for people to have conversations, share experiences, and answer any questions they have about retirement living. Transparency is key to having an honest connection,” Lincoln said. 

The reticence of people selling the family home and moving into retirement living has to be broken.   

“I try to help demystify the retirement living options. I want to provide a clear picture of the community’s offerings before they decide.” 

Lincoln hosts events designed to introduce guests to the benefits of village life, offering them the opportunity to explore the community and take guided tours during a morning or afternoon tea session. 

“Sometimes people do not feel comfortable about contacting a village directly for themselves and would feel less pressured if they came to the village as a guest or a visitor in a group. Keyton’s Community Connect Program is a great introduction to what villages offer, whether it is for now or in the future,” he said.  

“With this in mind, we welcome local groups and clubs of around 15-20 seniors into our villages to enjoy a morning or afternoon tea. We answer any questions guests may have about retirement village living and enjoy a lovely walk around our village, meet residents and view all our amenities,” he said. 

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