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New DCMI topic provides guide to increase digital literacy in your community and establishing a Digital Coach

Last month our DCMI PD program partnered with Your Link to introduce a new topic around Digital Literacy in Retirement Communities.

Many of you will have witnessed first hand digital exclusion.

Day to day seniors around the country are needing to become digitally savvy as they cope to use QR codes, online shopping, online ordering of services and even access many government services including MyAgedCare.

As VMs, we need an ABILITY to have a digital solution strategy for communication and service delivery.

In our PD topic presented by Your Link, we cover:

  • The essentials of digital literacy
  • Why digital skills are important for residents and village teams
  • The fundamentals of how to coach others to learn
  • and, The role of a digital coach

The aim of the topic is to encourage village professionals to create digital coaches within their villages that can assist other residents that may be at risk of digital exclusion.

Not a DCMI Member – learn more HERE or call Sally on 0417 482 312.

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