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On villages.com.au 17,400 potential village buyers reached out to village operators in January, including 1,200 emailed requests

DCM established villages.com.au in 2006 and it has grown steadily through GFCs, negative media coverage and now a changing consumer, thanks to the first Baby Boomers now passing age 75.

In 2021 traffic grew a BIG 11% Year on Year with over 1.3 million visits. Remember, the only reason people visit villages.com.au are people who have had an event in their lives (or their parents) and they are looking at future accommodation options.

But last month saw another significant jump, significantly in the number of people reaching out to operators, seeking more information.

All up, 17,400 people took the next step with a website click, phone call or an email, which was the choice of 1,200 people.

To place this in perspective, just 23,000 village homes become available to sell. That is 1,963 homes a month.

With 17,400 people putting up their hand as interested, demand does exceed supply.

Want to know more about villages.com.au, email us HERE.

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