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Passion, Purpose and Meaning

With a passion for empowering people to have purpose and meaning every day, DCM Institute is excited to welcome Jamie Ford, Head of Partnerships at Five Good Friends, as one of the guest speakers at Village Summit 2022.

Speaking on The Best 30 Years, DCM Group’s 5-part TV series on the ageing journey, Jamie talks passionately about enabling people to live happy, healthy and connected lives for as long as possible.

“Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits associated with a strong sense of purpose and meaning in life, including resilience, longevity, and a greater sense of wellbeing. This is because people who believe their life has meaning reduce their stress response. They have lower levels of inflammation and lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol,” Jamie said.

“A life that is meaningful and filled with worthwhile activities also leads to better mental health in ageing adults. Having a sense of purpose can anchor us and give us something to hold on to when life is challenging.”

At Village Summit 20202, Jamie will speak on Move Nourish Connect an innovation by Five Good Friends which partners with operators to design and facilitate a program that invests in resident wellbeing so they can grow older well.

Check out The Best 30 Years’ own website to watch the first two episodes and so much more.

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