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This week DCMI participants enjoyed Masterclass 5 in Solution Selling with our great colleague an industry expert Jacqui Perkins.

During the session Jacqui touched on the importance of asking the right questions, listening and presenting the most appropriate feature and benefit tailored for the client.

A great insight into Jacqui’s teachings on the importance on questioning and listening can be seen here Step Six: Questioning and Listening. 10 Steps to Solution Selling. – YouTube

Some of the key takeaways from participants included:

  • The importance of building creditability through asking the right questions, rather than the information shared!
  • 80% of the interaction should be questioning & 20% sharing the information

First 4 Masterclass sessions now available

  1. Jacqui’s Solution Selling masterclasses are an 8-session series, to date Jacqui has covered the following  
  2. Developing your brand & Sales Funnel
  3. Purposeful Networking
  4. Understanding your customer types & communication types
  5. Diagnosing before prescribing the solution
  6. Selling solutions

With all of these sessions are available in the DCMI Knowledge Centre portal for participants of the DCMI Village Management Professional Development program to refer back to, a great resource!

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