State In Focus: New Website for Queenslanders Comparing Retirement Villages

The Queensland Government has launched a new website that will allow seniors to quickly compare retirement villages in the state.

The website uses mandatory Village Comparison Documents provided by Queensland’s 330 retirement village operators. According to Minister for Communities and Housing Leeanne Enoch (pictured), the site provides “greater security and certainty” for seniors looking to move into retirement living.

The site does not give information on fees and charges, advising seniors instead to contact villages individually, as well as urging them to obtain independent legal and financial advice before signing.

Speaking at Village Summit 2022, Chris Rooke, Managing Partner at One Fell Swoop, notes that two-thirds of the touch points we have with customers, does not involve us. Today’s generation of customer is quite capable of doing their own research so they can make an informed decision on their future.

Village Managers, sales professionals and operators in Queensland should be aware of this website and should take the time to look up and confirm the information provided about their village to ensure potential residents are enticed to reach out to them for more information.

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