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Uniting Bowden Brae Welcomes Youngest Change Makers

As National Volunteer Week celebrates the incredible contributions of volunteers across the country, Uniting Bowden Brae Residential Aged Care home in Normanhurst is thrilled to welcome students from Pymble Ladies College Junior School. This collaboration brings together the youngest Change Makers in the spirit of giving back.

On Friday, May 12, a group of 10 enthusiastic Year 6 girls from PLC Junior School visited the residents of Uniting Bowden Brae for the first time. Their commitment to volunteering will continue as they dedicate an hour of their time every fortnight throughout the year.

Nerissa Davey, Deputy Head of PLC Junior School, expressed pride in the girls’ decision to volunteer at Bowden Brae. She stated “We’re very proud of them, and we’re hoping they’ll get as much out of this experience as the residents here. It’s really great for the girls to learn how much the aged have to offer and how much they can learn from them.”

This partnership marks an exciting opportunity to invest in the next generation of volunteers, as highlighted by Gail Yap, Uniting Volunteer Lead. Yap expressed enthusiasm, saying, “The brand-new partnership with PLC Junior School is an exciting opportunity to invest in the next generation of volunteers.”

National Volunteer Week, with this year’s theme being “The Change Makers,” couldn’t be more fitting for this collaboration between Uniting Bowden Brae and PLC Junior School. These young Change Makers will bring joy, companionship, and fresh perspectives to the residents, fostering meaningful connections and intergenerational learning.

As National Volunteer Week reminds us, volunteers are the backbone of our society, and their dedication and selflessness shape communities for the better. Uniting Bowden Brae and PLC Junior School exemplify the true spirit of volunteering, embodying “The Change Makers” theme and inspiring us all to make a difference.

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