Lawrie Robertson, Victorian Residents’ Association President Retires

Victorian Residents’ Association President Retires  

Earlier this week it was announced Lawrie Robertson would be stepping down as President of the Residents of Retirement Villages Victora (RRVV).

Lawrie is a good friend of the DCM Institute and has spent more than a decade at the helm of the RRVV. During this time the RRVV’s membership has grown to more than 6,000, while continuing to provide advocacy and support for retirement village residents across Victoria. 

“Lawrie has been a beacon of inspiration, embodying the spirit and values we hold dear. His commitment to advocating for and supporting residents, has left an indelible mark on our community and the many lives we touch,” said Dianne Embry, RRVV Secretary.

“As we bid farewell to Lawrie as President following his resignation, we are delighted that he will remain an active member of our community, continuing to lend his invaluable insight and support. We look forward to this new phase with great anticipation and are excited to build on the strong foundation Lawrie has helped establish.” 

Lawrie Robertson, outgoing RRVV President, with James Wiltshire, Executive Director DCM Institute at a recent Professional Development Day

The DCM Institute would like to wish Lawrie all the best in his second retirement. We look forward to working with the new president of the RRVV when announced.  

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