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Village Managers go from strength to strength

At VILLAGE SUMMIT in Sydney on 30 November we welcomed another nine Village Managers into the 1,000 Club. 

Live in five capital cities in November, this single-day event brought together the largest network of Village Professionals in Australia with more than 600 delegates attending. 

One highlight at each event has been recognising Village Managers committed to their own professional development and have achieved 1,000 Professional Development Points in the DCM Institute Professional Development program. 

Joining other Award recipients from around the country were: 

Professional Development Points are awarded to participants in DCM Institute’s Village Manager Professional Development Program each time a topic is completed, or an event attended either online, or in person.  

“Most participants achieve 300 points per year, which demonstrates these professionals’ commitment to their learning and development over a number of years with us,” said Tiffany Folbigg, DCM Institute’s Operations Manager. 

“The points serve as a transcript of each participant’s achievement. Over the course of VILLAGE SUMMIT, we have had the privilege of recognizing those who have excelled, year in, year out.”  

Congratulations to Lauren, May Ann, Jodi, Sarah, Eloise and Doug.

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