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A great side course in building Community Engagement – book now

Did you get a chance to be excited by Becky Hirst’s Community Engagement insights at the Village Summit? Are you interested in learning more about Community Engagement and its role in villages?

Here is your chance, with Becky’s Community Engagement Bootcamp. I have just completed it myself and can attest to the content relevance to building thriving retirement communities.

Just two hours each Wednesday

Each Wednesday morning for 2 hours Becky explores the principles and models of community engagement; knowing who to engage; tools and techniques to facilitate storytelling and rich conversations; high quality communication; engaging diversity; and creating a welcoming environment.

Special DCMI offer for 6 January

As a special offer to DCMI participants and Village Summit delegates Becky is offering a 20% discount for the January 6 intake taking the price for the 6 week boot camp from $645 down to $516!!!  Just enter the discount CODE DCM6JAN

Register directly on this event page HERE or visit 

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Leading the way… some light reading over Christmas

Leadership is a word easily thrown around, but understanding it and doing it is not always easy or natural. Sometimes it is great to just get a few reminder pointers.

At our VILLAGE SUMMITS, internationally renowned leadership speaker, Matt Church (above), gave some great insights.

Our own DCM Institute Leadership Coach, Jacqui Perkins, explored courageous leadership and dared us to step into our own power as a leader.

So, are we a Manager or a Leader? Most of us are both.

Managing a retirement community is a complex one and while we are generally seen as the ‘Village Manager’, we must also recognise our role as the ‘Leader’ of the Village Community.

There are lots of models, strategies, tactics, approaches and opinions about how to become an effective and successful leader. We read a lot of books on Leadership; here is a top list assembled by Tania: 

Or check out Matt or Jacqui’s websites.

By understanding and enacting the principles of good leadership and combining them with effective management practices, we can grow our teams, achieve our organisation’s goals and better engage residents, all to the benefit of our village community….

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GROWTH, OPPORTUNITY & CHOICE the next decade in retirement living!

The village sector since inception has progressed and reshaped it’s offering nearly every decade.  

  • Pre-1950’s Retirement housing was typically small pockets of Senior citizens flats for the vulnerable. 
  • 1960-70’s these flats were increasingly co-located with Nursing Homes. 
  • 1980’s saw broad acre villages with large communal hubs and often serviced apartments. 
  • 1990’s saw the commencement of the lifestyle villages with tennis courts & pools.
  • 2000’s has seen the introduction of high-end villages, an increase in apartment models and of course we can’t ignore the emerging land lease communities. Now Community Apartment Projects (CAPs) are growing in popularity plus there is growing interest in the build to rent option for older Australians. 

Pictured above is a 26 storey retirement village, aged care and health hub by Not For Profit Bolton Clarke as an example.

This is just the infrastructure changes, not to mention the various cycles of contracts and financial model changes, with service provision revisions. 

2021 and Beyond

In 2021 and beyond, we will have a sector much like the hotel sector; the choice and ranges, from simple, affordable villages all the way along the spectrum to high-end villages with all the bells and whistles, inclusive of aged care services.

The picture above is a CAPs boutique development in Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast.

The fact is older Australians have never been more wealthy as the 50 to 70 age group inherits the wealth of the 75+ who include the family home in the handover. Retirees can afford a far more sophisticated product.

Village professionals, like yourselves, will have the greatest OPPORTUNITY & CHOICE to consider just where you may channel your energies to make the most of the GROWTH opportunities ahead. 

Property still needs community

In my experience, regardless of the infrastructure, model, financial structure or services, what has always been key to a successful village is the building of the village community! 

That has not changed in seven decades and I cannot see it changing anytime soon.  

In my time I have witnessed many amazing, dedicated village professionals that have developed an innate knowing of what makes a community thrive! 

I would love to share that there is a secret silver bullet in how to build community, but if there is anything I have learnt, it’s not just one!

I know it starts with integrity, trust, hard work, empathy, collaboration, consistency, and serving, but it is also requires knowledge, tools, and resources.

This is what we are daily building for Members of the DCM Institute.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the change and play a pivotal role in shaping the next evolution of the industry. 

We know from experience that much of that transformation starts with those on the frontline, village professionals, key leaders like yourselves delivering the services, implementing the strategies, working with communities, and driving the change.

What OPPORTUNITY or CHOICE will you make in 2022?