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ACT Residents’ Association receives $25,000 grant

The ACT Government has given the funding for the residents’ body in the nation's capital to set up a "virtual" office and dedicated phone line, so residents and stakeholders can get in touch and share information.

“The Government has heard that retirement living can be complex, especially for some residents to understand their financial rights and obligations,” the Justice and Community Safety Directorate said.  

“Some residents may face additional vulnerabilities, for example due to isolation or difficulty navigating technology.”  

ACT Retirement Villages Residents Association (ACT RVRA) will be able to tell people in retirement villages that they are there to help and can talk to government agencies and join discussions to show off their excellent work and share useful ideas. Some of the money will be used to create newsletters and other materials for residents, ensuring that everyone, even those without internet, can stay informed with important updates, said the Directorate.  

Key objectives funded by this grant include:

  1. Enhancing the RVRA’s capabilities: Funding will support a ‘virtual’ office, dedicated phone line and resources to provide a reliable point of contact and information exchange for residents and stakeholders.
  2. Building awareness: The grant helps the ACT RVRA promote itself directly within retirement villages as a source of support for residents, and to engage with government agencies and participate in relevant forums to showcase their work and best practices.
  3. Enhancing communication: Resources will go towards newsletters for residents and informational materials, including ensuring residents without internet access receive vital updates.

John Beagle (pictured above), President of the ACT RVRA, said the grant would “make a tangible difference to the lives of ACT retirement village residents and prospective residents, who will be provided with independent information, advice, advocacy and representation, and the knowledge they need to understand and exercise their rights, and actively participate in their community”.  

**John has subsequently stood down and Mike Vale is now Acting President of ACT RVRA. 

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