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Every New Year is Different

Did you know there are more than 25 completely different New Year’s Days around the world?

With all the annual hype put into our own routine of welcoming in the new year on 1 January, it can be easy to forget that a number of different cultures and religions have New Year’s on a different date. 

While the new year has already commenced for those following the Gregorian calendar, the most widely used calendar in the world, the Chinese New Year for instance, has yet to begin. Saturday 10 February marks the first day of the Year of the Dragon, one of 12 Chinese zodiac signs that rotate every year.

With our communities becoming more multi-cultural, recognising the various milestones from around the world provides us with a chance to share different traditions and customs with our residents – and have some fun along the way!

Talk with your residents about what other New Year events they might enjoy celebrating and include them on your Activity Calendar.

Here are just some of the New Year days recognised around the world.
Name of the New YearCountry or CountriesDate in 2024
Gregorian New YearInternationalJanuary 1
Chinese New YearChina and various countriesJanuary 25
Islamic New Year (Hijri)Islamic countriesAugust 19
Rosh HashanahJewish communities worldwideSeptember 27
Diwali (Hindu New Year)India and other countriesOctober 23
SongkranThailandApril 13-15
NowruzIran and Central AsiaMarch 20
Chol Chnam ThmayCambodiaApril 14-16
NyepiBali, IndonesiaMarch 25
MatarikiMaori (New Zealand)June 24
LosarTibet, Nepal, BhutanFebruary 24
Tet (Vietnamese New Year)VietnamFebruary 5
SeollalSouth KoreaJanuary 22-24
Pohela BoishakhBangladeshApril 14
Aluth AvuruddaSri LankaApril 14
Ethiopian New YearEthiopiaSeptember 11
OshogatsuJapanJanuary 1-3
SamhainCeltic and NeopaganOctober 31
PuthanduTamil Nadu, IndiaApril 14
Gudi PadwaMaharashtra, IndiaApril 2
Pagan New Year (Wheel of the Year)NeopaganVarious (e.g., December 21)
Islamic New Year (Saka)IndiaMarch 21
MuharramVarious Islamic countriesAugust 9
Cheti ChandSindhi communityMarch 23

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