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Leading the way… some light reading over Christmas

Leadership is a word easily thrown around, but understanding it and doing it is not always easy or natural. Sometimes it is great to just get a few reminder pointers.

At our VILLAGE SUMMITS, internationally renowned leadership speaker, Matt Church (above), gave some great insights.

Our own DCM Institute Leadership Coach, Jacqui Perkins, explored courageous leadership and dared us to step into our own power as a leader.

So, are we a Manager or a Leader? Most of us are both.

Managing a retirement community is a complex one and while we are generally seen as the ‘Village Manager’, we must also recognise our role as the ‘Leader’ of the Village Community.

There are lots of models, strategies, tactics, approaches and opinions about how to become an effective and successful leader. We read a lot of books on Leadership; here is a top list assembled by Tania: 

Or check out Matt or Jacqui’s websites.

By understanding and enacting the principles of good leadership and combining them with effective management practices, we can grow our teams, achieve our organisation’s goals and better engage residents, all to the benefit of our village community….

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