Residents want to understand the role of the Village Manager

While in Perth for DCM Institute’s most recent professional development day, Executive Director James Wiltshire was invited to speak at the Western Australian Retirement Village Resident’s Association meeting. The topic: The Role of the Village Manager.

In introducing James to his members, Ron Chamberlain (pictured right), President of WARVRA, spoke of how important it is for residents to understand the complexity of the Village Manager’s role.

We recieve a lot of enquires from members about what the role of the Village Manager is.

Ron Chamberlain, President, WARVRA

Drawing on more than two decades experience in the sector, James spoke about how the role of the Village Manager has evolved into something that is quite complex.

“The role of the Village Manager is not something you can learn at University,” James said.

James took those in attendance through the competencies expected of Village Managers, noting the ideal person is someone skilled in business administration, people management, asset management, workplace health and safety, legislative compliance and, most importantly, resident experience.

They need to be able to manage a P&L and be solution-oriented problem solvers – not to mention the ability to sell in some instances.

You would struggle to think of a business that requires such a broad skillset from a single individual.”

James Wiltshire, Executive Director, DCM Institute

Interestingly, when the room was asked if they would want the job of a Village Manager, it was a resounding ‘no thank you.’

DCM Institute Professional Development Day in Perth, February 2024

The presentation also took those residents in attendance through some of the sector-leading work the DCM Institute has been undertaking with the psychometric and aptitude testing of Village Managers across the country.

This piece of work allows operators to understand the capabilities of their Village Management team and identify areas for growth and improvement through DCM Institute’s professional development program.

The presentation was part of WARVA’s commitment to its members to help them understand the role of the village manager and improve the relationship between residents and the administering body (the operator.)

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