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Have you ever set yourself a goal, and then stopped to work out how you will get there?

So, you want to run a marathon? That is 42kms. First though, you have to run 1km. Then 2km. Over time you build up to achieving your goal.

Professional development is the same. You work out where you want to get to, and then you need to figure what progress looks like in your developmental journey.

But how do you work out what a professional development goal is? How do you work out progress? Well, we have that worked out for you. We call it, Professional Development Points, or PD Points.

How does a points system work with professional development?

Participants in the DCM Institute’s Professional Development Program have the opportunity to achieve PD Points through a diverse array of learning and development activities carefully curated to foster professional development.

Whether it’s completing one of our self-placed online learning topics or attending one of our events (both in person and virtually), every endeavour contributes to your PD Points tally.

But how much time should one dedicate to professional development?

We recommend professionals in our program set themselves a goal of achieving 300 PD Points every 12 months with us. This equates to about 22-25 hours per year.

This isn’t much when you consider the compliance training most organisations required of their management. Think training such as manual handling, fire safety, or the roll out of a new procurement system. Professional development, at its core, is in addition to these in-house training activities.

Our program sits alongside this, to ensure Village Professionals have access to the knowledge and resources they need to deliver good outcomes for both the operator, and their residents.

What does professional development success look like?

Our PD Points structure isn’t just about accumulation; it is also about accountability and milestones.

As participants, accumulation of PD Points sits on an ‘academic transcript’ that can be used  at annual performance review meetings, to shape conversations with line managers, and to ensure that progress is continuous.

Professional development is about more than just training. It’s about continuing a journey to develop your skills and knowledge to be an expert in your chosen field. Then, when you get to that status of expert, you continue to develop to ensure you keep up with trends and developments in your chosen field – in our case, Village and Community Management.

Each year, at our esteemed Village Summit event, we take a moment to shine a spotlight on participants who have reached the prestigious milestone of 1000 points. These individuals, affectionately dubbed the “1000 Club,” embody the spirit of dedication and growth that defines our community.

Recently in our Friday newsletters, we’ve had the pleasure of showcasing some of these outstanding achievers

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