PD Day Perth 1

Professional Development Returns to Perth

The DCM Institute’s first Professional Development Day series for 2024 commenced in Perth this week.

The event brought together professionals from across Western Australia for a day of networking and hearing from industry experts and practitioners on the topics of Sustainability, Village Finances, and Budgets.

One of the highlights of the day was the presentation of Bianca McGoldrick from Jackson McDonald, who shed light on the legal obligations of the administering body concerning village budgets. Her expertise encouraged Village professionals to take ownership of their budget, just as they should their village, to give residents confidence and deliver financial success.

Representing the residents’ perspective, WARVRA President Ron Chamberlain spoke eloquently and empathetically. Ron spoke to some of the shared concerns WARVRA has with some of the ambiguities in the legislation, both new and proposed.

Find a way to educate residents on the operation of the village, including village finances and budgets.

The afternoon session witnessed engaging workshops centred around real-life situations, guided by a presentation on Operational Best Practice by sector experts, Village Solutions Australia. Andrew Hanna and Rebecca Duckham provided practical insights and strategies to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness within their respective villages

Importantly, all speakers stressed the importance of commencing all conversations around Budgets and Finances as earlier as possible, to bring residents along for the journey.

Whilst always challenging, the annual meeting is an opportunity to build trust and confidence.

Andrew Hanna, Village Solutions Australia

The Professional Development Day in Perth proved to be a resounding success, setting the stage for the upcoming sessions in Brisbane and Melbourne next week.

For those seeking more information on the DCM Institute’s Professional Development Day series and upcoming events, click here.

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