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What does ANZAC day mean in 2024?

In short, plenty.

When you consider the national days on our calendar, ANZAC Day continues to hold profound significance in both Australia and New Zealand.

Established as a national public holiday in 1921, 25 April has continued to serve as a day of remembrance and reflection. A day of unity where we can pay our respects to those men and women who have lost their lives serving this country, and those who continue to do so to this day.

Knowing how important ANZAC Day is in retirement villages across the country, we thought we’d share a wonderful initiative from Ryman Healthcare.

Each year, residents from their Australian and New Zealand villages are invited to share stories of service to their country. These stories are then collected and shared in a book they call ‘Stories of Service.’

Robert Creek, 78, is a resident at John Flynn Retirement Village in Melbourne and a veteran of the Vietnam War. John served as a member of 3 Troop 1 Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers (RAE). In 2024, Robert’s was one of the many shared in Ryman’s book.

Taking Part in 2024

No matter where you are on Anzac Day, you can commemorate April 25 with us.  The ABC will have comprehensive broadcast coverage of Anzac Day services and events. Tune into their coverage throughout the day across ABC Radio, ABC listen app, ABC TV, ABC iview and online from 5.30am (AEST). Click on the picture for all the broadcasting options

Coverage includes commemorations and local marches in towns and cities around Australia as well as special Anzac Day programming.

RSL Australia provides details of what is happening in each state as well like the Sporting day events across the country and the Air Force Flying display that takes place in each state.

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